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Let our proven process save you time, money and resources!

The Growth Accountant prides itself to offer timely, efficient and accurate bookkeeping, accounting, payroll, taxes, administrative services based on your schedule! At a competitive flat fee!

We have over 20 years experience providing accounting services to a diverse clientele: individuals, professionals, commercial enterprises and non-profit organizations.

We tailor our business services to meet current and future challenges and you won’t be disappointed with the results!

How The Growth Accountant Started

Pascal Gibert began studying accounting in high school. After a two-year career as a bookkeeper in France, he decided it was time for a change of scenery and moved to sunny South Florida in 1995. Gibert mastered English at Lynn University and then graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in International Business and a minor in Marketing at Florida Atlantic University.Pascal Gibert’s first position of tenure in the U.S. was as a Manager for Office Depot. It did not take long to realize that retail was not for him thereby returning to accounting within the consulting industry. After starting as Payroll Administrator, Gibert worked his way up to Accountant at Alexander Proudfoot.In July 2008, Pascal joined Brooks International as Senior Accountant and within 6 months became the Controller to CFO.

Pascal Gibert acquired invaluable knowledge and skills and gained expertise in every aspect of the business. When Sean Hackner, founder and then CEO of Freedom Steel approached him, Pascal Gibert felt it was the perfect opportunity to use those experiences to lead the steel company into the future.

With his urge to enjoy making a difference in life, it came naturally for Pascal to help Francophone people and French entrepreneurs to move and expand their business to the U.S. And so, Best Options was born.

Best Options has CPA and EA team with business experience to avoid any pitfalls and be in norms State-wise, multi-states and internationally. Best Options offers a wide range of services from incorporation, accounting and taxes at fees adapted to a tight budget.

Our Services

Set Up The Best Business Structure

Forming a Corporation or an LLC (Limited Liability Company)? Growth Accountant offers valuable, timely, and an easy incorporation for all your business needs. We will customize and design the perfect structure for your business so that it flourishes upon this foundational strength and grows exponentially.

Growth Accounting For Your Business

Our accounting system, “The One-Year Road Map” realizes your Dream P & L into reality, which accelerates your business growth in tangible ways. With this road map and the mapped-out guidelines in place, your business will achieve the goals you set about throughout the business year, without the additional worry of planning for the upcoming months’ business plan.

Pay The Least Necessary Tax

Our expert professionals will assist in having you benefit from all the deductions and credits entitled to you for a very competitive fee. You could pay the very least possible taxes for your business operations and have the peace of mind of a worry-free accounting plan in place though Growth Accountant. At the end of the day, we know how taxing accounting can be without a guide.

Returns That Make You

The solution we offer is entirely dedicated to start-ups and small businesses, who want to just focus on the heart of their business, which ideally should be glitch-free and smooth.We at Growth Accounting take over the sheer complexity of filing timely returns, preparing intricate payrolls and the proper payments of the sales tax; the process seems all-consuming and life-sapping but is very much an essential part of the daily operation of any business.Our focus is to make the filing of returns as hassle-free as possible.

Efficient Payroll

Our payroll services are top-notch, efficient and catered to have them designed as per your business’ needs – be they weekly, bi-weekly, semi-weekly or the monthly payroll run. It is our belief that in customizing each experience, whether payroll or accounting, your attention should not be diverted, even for a few seconds,away from the day-to-day growth and flourishing of your business.

Proficient Administration Services

A 100% dedication is assured by us for you to achieve the desired growth for your business – whether it be setting up the right structure for your business, a seamless accounting process, and essential tax advice coupled with our assured attention to any of the other important and vital administrative tasks for the day-to-day operation of your valuable business.
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Some Advantages, Your Benefits

A requirement for us, a guarantee for you!

  • Expertise

    A team of accountants with more than 20 years experience. Let our proven strategies work for you so you take advantage of every tax deduction available.
  • Money Savings

    Less expensive than a CPA, our services are just as effective at a flat rate. No hidden fees!
  • Personalized Support

    Our team of accountants are always available based on your needs and will support you in developing business now with proven strategic initiatives that will help you in future business opportunities.
  • Free Time

    Our accounting team will allow you to focus on your business by saving time, resources and money freeing you from the burden of time consuming administrative tasks.