The Good Standing Compliance

Discover the essential compliance your business needs to be in. As the owner of a corporation or LLC, you need to know and understand the legal aspects of starting and operating the business. Compliance refers to all the federal, state, and local laws required to keeping your corporation or LLC in good standing with the state(s) where it conducts business. These are hidden dangers and secrets in your business that can be made visible through the application of “growth accounting” than can improve top line revenue or lower expenses and ultimately increase profitability. Whether it’s tax returns, payroll, comprehensive financial analysis, P&L Statements, Permits, or Annual Reports –through the Good-Standing Compliance, you will even have an improved understanding of where you stand in your business and how to map out your next level growth.

Improper accounting can create a toll on your business and being in good standing is the first thing you want to discover. The hidden secrets many of our competitors won’t tell you or advise of you as they are either unaware of the same or just want your money without having to do the work. Although being in ‘Good Standing” is the right thing to do, many events might affect good intentions and with this stage you are sure to stay in compliance effortless. This is why we developed The Good Standing Compliance™- A Unique system that allows you to see how “The Good-Standing Compliance” can help your business get started on the right footing.Here’s what you will walk away with in The Good Standing Compliance™:

  • A written plan to show how you are compliant with your goals.
  • A complete pro-active system on how to avoid missing deadlines
  • Not having to pay big fines or penalties or interest
  • Compliances on Taxes, Reports, Franchise Tax, Sales Tax,
  • Proper understanding of the tax planning and scope
  • A written Plan on what to do to avoid any future delinquencies.

The Only commitment we ask of you in this process is one hour of your time at scheduled intervals. This one hour, depending on your goals, maybe monthly quarterly, semi-annually or annually. For each hour you spent with us will save you ten or more hours of your valuable time throughout the year. This is what our competitors don’t do or can’t do. The reason is many of the billing is work-based or hourly and they get paid more if they show that they must spend more time later and you are at a loss. Our mission is to improve your Sales, Profitability, and lower your expenses. That’s why we created this first step.

We want you to feel enthusiastic on the journey you will embark on with us for the year and beyond. Every step of the journey we will be pro-active and make you feel you are always in control of your accounting. We are so excited to reach out to you and make communication seamless and we love what we do. Unlike our competitors who take advantage of your busy time and just collect your money. You will feel you got great value for your money.

Without you going through The Game Changing Discovery™, there are some imminent dangers your company may face. They can include but not limited to:

  • Big Penalties, Interest, Fees
  • Paying more to fix problems— “Prevention is better than cure.
  • Non-Compliance and Non-Conformity could trigger ‘Audit’

Discover your compliance and the hidden dangers that you need to eliminate with The Good Standing Compliance™