The Healthy Business Accounting

In this stage, you get a complete checkup at scheduled intervals to have a healthy business. Just like you go to your doctor’s office for blood tests, Scans, regular-check-ups, your business accounting needs a frequent check-up and it starts with your vitals in the business. This is customized for your business. No other accountant, big or small, will do this for you. The Heath Business Accounting stage is a monthly, quarterly or semi-monthly presentation of you financial, the analysis between last year Financial, and the analysis between your financial goals and objectives. Do you currently have a “healthy business” accounting? Would you like to get started with one?

Without proper check-ups and health monitoring, your health can get worse and one day you suddenly die of a cardiac arrest or disease leaving your loved ones wondering what went wrong with you. We all know Prevention is better than Cure but most of our competitors prefer to cure you as they get paid more for doing so. Our mission is much bigger and it’s the relationship we build with you. We are in the relationship business and for us relationships make money and not transactions. We don’t focus on selling your different products or services, we are on mission to make you healthy with a healthier business. With The “Healthy Business Accounting” you walk away with the following:

  • A dashboard with essential elements of the health of your company
  • Key indicators to make educated managerial decision
  • “A strong foundation!”
  • Tracking and Monitoring to keep you on Track
  • Budgeting
  • It is the primordial documents needed to get a loan, if needed

It is essential to have The Healthy Business Accounting™ as it outlines step-by-step how the progress will help you make the CEO of your company and not a trader who trades his or her services or skills for money. You may be a master trader, but not a Great CEO and that could cost you your business as the mistakes and poor decisions can be very costly. That’s why when every number goes to a cell, we go to the root cause of how that number got into that cell in the first place and is that an Ideal number of where it should be. If not, the “Healthy Business Accounting” will help you with strategies and direction to get to the ideal number. No other CPA or Accountant in the world would do that for you.

The only commitment we ask of you is your time.

Without “The Healthy Business Accounting™” your company could be facing some dire irreparable consequences:

  • You may run out of money- the number one reason people run out of business.
  • You may have chaos in your business and no control of where money is coming from and where it is going and why
  • You may be investing or spending money on items without proper guidance, direction, and evidence.

Determine the hidden dangers that you need to eliminate and the secrets that can help you scale your business with The Healthy Business Accounting™