The One-Year Assessment

In this stage you realize your obstacles and issues that you would not had realized. It has helped your decision making, which converted to results and increased your bottom line. When the financial year-end reports are closed you will review not only the financials but also what worked, what did not work, what should have been done differently, what were the obstacles, and get a set of strategies and recommendations set for the next year. This is where you get a before and after analysis compared to your goals and see the transformation. No other firm or accountant takes the time to even think about transforming your business as they feel their job is to just put number in a cell. That’s where we are fundamentally different. Get “Your Ideal Numbers” in each of “Your Cells” with the Transformation in The One-Year Assessment.

An assessment on how you are progressing towards your goals is an absolute essential. Often, when we work on our business an outside set of eyes looking inside can save you years. Does your accountant do that for you? There is no other firm big or small who would do that.In this stage you will walk away with:

  • How to harvest the good of what happened during the year – good or bad and what to do differently.
  • Who needs to do what by when to achieve even improved results next year.
  • A written goal for the following year and the road-map for the same.

You will feel happy and confident. You will be in control and own the process. You will feel stronger and nothing will stop you to succeed. Now you are prepared for any obstacles coming your way. Your continued confidence in us is what we aim for.  

It is essential to have The One-Year Assessment as it provides you the biggest insight you can ever get in your business. No other accounting firm will do the same as this is a unique service we provide through our own customized systems. Imagine saving years or decades of bad decisions and its consequences. What would that be worth to you? Wouldn’t improving your business health and building long term profitability be the ultimate goal of working with an accountant?

Discover the hidden secrets in the transformation from the assessment.