The One Year Road Map

Without a road-map, you will often become the trader or slave of your own business by working “in” the business instead of “on” the business. The One-Year Road Map is precisely working ON the business and saving you hours and maybe even multiple years or even decades worth of mistakes. Sometimes you just need one “aha” or “oops” moment of “wish I knew this earlier.” This is what you get with the Road-Map with just a few hours of your time. In this stage you walk-away with:

  • A Better understanding of where you want to be
  • Who needs to do what, by when to be where you want to be
  • How to bring on Accountability
The only thing we ask you to do is provide us at least the last 2 years’ P&L and commit to meet for 1 to 2 hours to set your goals and objectives and build your “Dream Come True P&L” in 1 year from now. You can expect to receive the completed report in 2 weeks from the first time we meet. You will feel happy after completing this exercise. You may feel excited or you may feel relieved or you may not know what to feel after sharing every detail of your Profit and Loss—One thing is for sure that all progress begins only when you tell the truth – You owe it to your business & to yourself. Sharing your Profit and Loss with me is telling the complete truth to yourself. Unlike our competitors who just want your money and start working to put you in the same boat that you were before, hoping you will see a different result. That’s insanity. What You require is “ingenuity”Without you going through The One Year Road Map™, there are some imminent dangers your company may face. They can include but not be limited to:

  • The Business facing cash flow issues, poor decisions, and ultimately some major setbacks.
  • Penalties, interest fees, and possibly much higher correction costs.
  • Remain a slave to your own business rather than becoming the CEO of Your Business.

Discover the hidden dangers that you need to eliminate and the secrets to success with The One Year Road Map™